Who is Robert Scianna?

Robert is known for his love and passion for the sport of cheerleading. His athleticism and outrageous personality make him stand out in ANY crowd. Robert is always striving to do what few people can do in AND out of the sport. His determination showed early on, when at 3 years old, he learned to ride a bike with NO training wheels! (random fact)

Robert started tumbling at age 6 in his backyard. He would rush home from school to bounce around on his trampoline for hours! Robert became a cheerleader at age 8. The coaches recognized his talent early on and Robert continued to progress for the next several years, until in 2013, he was faced with a life changing opportunity. In Robert’s Senior Year of High School, the opportunity to cheer for Coach Eddie Rios on the World Champion Cheerleading Team California All Stars SMOED presented itself. Cheering on this team would require him to move across the country from Virginia to California, leave his friends and family behind and change high schools mid senior year! Never one to be daunted by a challenge, Robert embarked on this opportunity of a lifetime. Taking that opportunity has NOT been easy. Robert was pushed past his limits, but he has reaped the rewards of blood, sweat, tears and hard work. Robert has become an NCA Champion, Majors Champion and a World Champion in the Cheerleading Industry. Additionally, as part of his journey from obscurity to notoriety in this industry, Robert has been a featured athlete on the YouTube Docu-Series Cheerleaders on Awesomenesstv! His personality is a natural fit for television!


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